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People who trace themselves back to Mashad Iran, and mostly currently reside in Great Neck, NY. They are all mad rich cause they're extremely smart, and not lazy. They are mostly hated by the Tehrans, or the Tehranis, due to a jealousy unknown because they are not normal, but probably cause we're much better then them at Basketball, and just better in general.
Terhan: "Eh, SHABBAT SHALOM!!!" (disgusting and thick persian accent).
Mashadi: "It's Tuesday you fuckin retard."
#rich #smart #gifted #athletic #ballin #intelligent #mashad #meshed #meshedi #mashadi
by Ronaldo January 15, 2007
Curry for gayboys. Like a Korma, but less spicy. Bald people love it.
I've just got out of the Queen Shilling and now I'm going to have a Pathia. Hardcore!
#chicken #curry #gay #vindaloo #madras
by Ronaldo January 12, 2007
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