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Used to describe someone who's sexy, but in a wierd way. It's very rare to find someone who everyone will agree is shmexy, as it all comes down to personal taste in the end.
Guy 1: "eeew look at the state of her! She looks like Jay Leno and a pig had a kid!"

Guy 2: "hey, she isn't that bad. In fact, I think she's pretty hot.She's kinda shmexy, yano?"

Guy 1: "now you mention it, she is....in a shmexy kind of way...."
by RonWeasley94 November 23, 2010
When a hot girl walks past, "drill" is usually exclaimed. It derives from the phrase "I'd tap that". Tap, drill, geddit?
*fit bird walks past*
Lads: "Drill! Drill!"
by RonWeasley94 December 08, 2010

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