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Among the rarest of a hunter's trophies is the timid jackelope. The nocturnal, antlered, longeared mammal has keen senses of both hearing and smell and is said to be attracted to alcohol.
To lure a fine, 4-point Jackelope to within shooting distance, one must use a blend of bourbon, beer and baloney.
by Ron Jackson May 13, 2003
A term used by those south of the Mason-Dixon line. Used to describe suprising or shocking situations (similiar usage as "what the fuck")
What in tarnation!?!?!? Where did that copper-headed rattle water moccasin come from?!?
by Ron Jackson May 13, 2003
a term used by a fabulous homosexual
when walking into the coliseum, one should yell "haaaaaaaayyy" to attract mates
by Ron Jackson May 13, 2003
A homosexual man who bites the head off of its prey after having long hours of hot, steamy sex. Also known to be on the prowl for it's prey after dusk.
the Penny Mantis has struck again!
by Ron Jackson May 13, 2003
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