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Sexiest beast in the world and shreds shit up on guitar. Anyone with the name heath is tha SHIT!! and has a 13 inch cock like Ron Jeremy
Watch the movie Desperado and check out Antonio Benderas. times that bloke by ten and there you have it. A Heath!!
by Ron J September 29, 2003
a Small, sometimes large, smooshy opening between a womens thighs. Large helmet wearing snakes sometimes take coverage in these holes.
Comfortable cunt!!!
by Ron J September 29, 2003
Small chunks of fuck knows what, caught on a females hairy clam.
Look at your girlfriend!!
by Ron J September 29, 2003
A pussy, vagina, cunt, love hole, hairy clam etc..
Ohhh sex
by Ron j October 01, 2003
The sound your balls make when they slap against your thighs. The sound is more prominent when mixed with arse sweat.
Listen to my Flob Cobber
by Ron J September 29, 2003
Twice as pissed as shit faced
When an ugly bloke gets laid at a piss up
by Ron J September 29, 2003

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