1 definition by Ron Baker

A persuasion, which leads women into an abortion clinic in the same way cattle, are led into the killing room.
The closer the cow gets to the killing room the more apparent the reality becomes. Presently there is no choice (first hand experience here) due to the power of pro-choice special interest group$. Hence it is a persuasion and not pro-choice. When abortion clinic$ “open up”, let us know exactly what goes on with an abortion, and feel the freedom to offer the woman one final “are you certain?” that will be pro-choice. When abortion clinics are as acceptant of women changing their minds as pro-choice advocates these days are of combating the pro-life movement, then it will be pro-choice. Again, first hand experience here: what I heard from pro-life was understood to be opinion with sprinkles of facts and what I heard from pro-choice was made to look entirely as fact. Fact of the matter is that pro-life did a far better job with the facts than did Plan Parenthood. Its time pro-choice gave us something to choose from. Its time we got some abortion facts not filled with a prejudice against the “other” choice—life.
by Ron Baker May 04, 2006

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