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Person of limited breeding and finance. Poor white trash.
It must be benefit pay day, all the scratters are getting drunk
by Rommel August 10, 2002
Man who has a large penis head proportunatly to the rest of the penis.
Damn mike had a mederhead
by Rommel May 21, 2004
An expressive form of "FFS." This word sounds like "F This."
See "FFS."
"Effess... I can't do this shit..."

"This whole project sucks, effess!"
by Rommel December 14, 2003
Rim job. the act of licking male or females anus. Usually the rim there for rim job
Hey Love can you give me an rj
by Rommel May 21, 2004
Man puts scrotum on top of persons eyes. The reciveing person blinks.
My bitch just gave me Polish googles
by Rommel May 21, 2004

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