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sexiest gurls from south and north/caribbean america gringos no nothing about us we come in all shapes and sizes from white,tan,black blonde hair to usally black hair are asses are fine niggs and caucasians wana fuck us asians hav to much of smalls balls to imagine fucking us we speak spanish but are ancestors are of indian european and african culture if theres a chance we be all those mixes no ladies can be finer then us get ur fact straight we aint all brown but we all are fine ;)
bob: fuck man thats a latina shes gotta a fine ass
jamal:fuck no ugly ass american gurls that fine
by Rominasexyspician October 06, 2005
A race of people belonging from europe
from blonde hair blue eyes to olive skin or very tanned and dark eyes.Caucasians originally came from around the middle east.Caucasians Include; Italians Spaniards,Poles,Germans.
Little girl: Mom why is the news saying the man wanted is caucasian hes real tanned.
Mom: Us caucasians are a race doesn't matter are skin colour.
by Rominasexyspician October 06, 2005
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