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Def. 1, A Person that is compleatly oblivious of being used for sex

Def. 2, To express to another with anger that they are Stupid as all hell

Def. 3, Shorthand for Fucking Retarded.

Def. 4, When someone doesnt realize they are being made fun of, Joked, or Pranked. Goes hand in hand with Def. 3. Can also be someone that realizes your making fun of them but they act like they dont care.
Example Def. 1, "Hey Johny I got this new FuckTard, All we do is have sex"

Example Def. 2 & 3, "Tashana you are a FuckTard, Why did you stop at a green light"

Example Def. 4, "Hey Sammy, Johns such a FuckTard I told him he didnt have shit for brains and he just said thanks I get it from my momma"
by RomieG January 05, 2011

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