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State of extreme female sexual arousal or desire.
Ashley gets such a pussy boner whenever Jeff smiles at her.
by Romeo Foxtrot December 14, 2006
The erection of a woman's nipples due to intense sexual arousal.
Ashley's thin bikini top couldn't hide the titty boner she got when she saw Jeff's buff physique.
by Romeo Foxtrot January 22, 2007
1.) Sexual favors given to a man by his woman after he has attained the status of "winner" in her eyes, such as upon winning a sporting event or being promoted.

2.) The sudden sexual interest a man receives from women after he has won a competition or award, which is often independent of his prior attractiveness.
Jeff: Ashley fucked me silly for three days straight after we won the title.
LJ: Word, there's nothin better than some hot award sex.
by Romeo Foxtrot January 30, 2007
A phenomenon in which women who are repulsed by what childbirth and aging have done to their bodies begin serious weightlifting to regain their former physical beauty. Typically in their thirties, these women often attain levels of fitness, beauty and self-confidence far surpassing anything they enjoyed during their twenties. Revelling in their sleek, rock-hard bodies and being at the age of peak female sexuality, they are some of the most exuberant and overtly sensual women.
Jeff: Did you see the sculpted abs and smokin bubble butt on Ashley's mother?
LJ: Word. A truly outstanding muscle mom.
by Romeo Foxtrot January 31, 2007
A sexual position in which the man is standing up, holding the woman with her legs preferably placed over his shoulders. The man supports the woman by placing his hands either under her ass or armpits, the woman usually holding the man around the neck or shoulders. So named because the pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey noted that "gangsters," criminals, and other social deviants showed an unusually strong preference for this sexual position.
I came home the other day and Ashley looked so damn hot that I just picked her ass up right there and fucked her gangster style.
by Romeo Foxtrot February 11, 2008
1.) Woman who is only attracted to lean, muscular men, especially those with ripped pectoral and abdominal muscles.

2.) A usually picky woman who is extraordinarily solicitous of men who possess ripped, muscular physiques.
Jeff: Dude, Ashley was all over me after she saw me with my shirt off.
LJ: Word, she's a total pec princess.
by Romeo Foxtrot January 30, 2007
1.) A computer user who prefers actually using his computing system rather than diagnosing and fixing its endless flaws. This person may have become irrevocably annoyed with the second-rate, garage-built products sold by other manufacturers and switched systems after years of frustration with their endless problems.

2.) A smart person.
Jeff's life descended into a swirling pit of hell until he ended up on TMZ and Dr. Phil in the same week. Then he became a mac user and stopped paying some guy $80 a week to listen to him bitch about his troubles.
by Romeo Foxtrot February 25, 2008

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