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Someone who is alright with one person doing something, but is totally against another person doing that same thing.
"Hey Serah! Watch me do the robot."

"No doing the robot is stupid...unless Bobby does it."

"...Stupid crackit..."
by Romedog March 16, 2013
When someone is academically smart but socially stupid.

(has "academic smarts" but has no "street smarts" or "Play ground smarts")
"Yes! I am the first to be done with my test mike!"
"Hey Danny, gullible is writtin in the clouds."
"What! Where!!!"
"Ha! You are such a cleyo Danny!"
by Romedog March 16, 2013
It is when two people are participating in "doggy style" sex and the reciever poops right on the guy's penis.
"Dude! I was doing my gf doggy style last night, and she crapped all over my dick!"
"Ha! Thats called a poopla!"
"Oh...ha ha I get it."
by Romedog March 16, 2013
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