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Someone who eats shit
I heard that (1) is a real feek chewer
by Roman Totale February 01, 2004
To fornicate in a wild and shameless manner.
He honked down on her like a real man beast.
by Roman Totale February 01, 2004
To get stuck in ,somewhat wildy in a sexual situation, not limited to penetrative sex, can be oral, breast sex, any sex act performed with a wild abandon, bordering on madness.
Mcluskie: So What happened last night? Any luck?

Mate of Mcluskie: God, yes! Honged down on her like a beast! Messy business.
by Roman Totale April 12, 2007
Having ones fully clothed croth rubbed by a fully clothed lady's crotch.
Jesus, there was some deep rubbage last night, nearly got all unmoralistic on her features.
by Roman Totale February 01, 2004
A comment with homosexual origin or expressed in a strongly homosexual manner.
Mate of Mcluskie: Have you got the time please?

Mcluskie: Oooh, you cheeky man, don't make me spank you.

The reply is most definately a benderism.
by Roman Totale May 08, 2007
Soemone who is so bad at dancing that their actions could occassion comments such as "I have seen people on fire move better". A fire dance is being performed.
Look at that dim limbed twat in fire dance mode
by Roman Totale October 14, 2007
A smelly penis, usually cheese crusted.
Blimey, that Brostoff is a fucking funkshaft
by Roman Totale October 12, 2007
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