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The Body Of a woman thats so tight you had to turn your neck and look
damn that girl has a nice physique i wouldnt mind gettin in them jeans
by Romaine February 02, 2005
The Most bang-able objectable woman in the world
Oh Man every man on earth has banged that bitch
by Romaine February 23, 2005
The pakistanian immitation of 2pac
jahandi bandi bahara shola mara hi dunno putto putto pi "Thug Life" manni manni mi putto gi fi "My Gun WIll Kill you" Jahara Hi
by Romaine February 02, 2005
a female who enjoys giving brains to a male
yo homie that girls a shaft wacker im going to ask her to do me a favor
by Romaine February 02, 2005

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