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May be confused with but is definately not the same as a combat controller. Combat controllers drop humanitarian aids from planes. Romads drop bombs from planes.
Romad: Example of a convo between a Combat Controller and a Young Girl
Young girl- "So what do you do in the airforce?"
CCT - "I control airstrikes. You know, drop bombs on bad guys! Pretty cool huh?"
Young girl - "Oh yeah? that's soooo cool! I just hung out with 3 other guys last night that do the same thing. Except they had black berets and not red like you."
CCT - "Oh really? well they don't drop bombs, they lied! I mean, they don't do anything!"
Young girl - "Well they did show me a good time last night... all 3 of them. But to me it sure looked like they were dropping bombs.. all night long!" See ROMA-ho
by Romad(usaf) August 08, 2006
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