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Quick to take offense. Other words used to define the phrase are sensitive and defensive. The phrase "thin-skinned" is derived from the idea that such people are easy to attack as their skin is too thin to offer protection from assault.
The media exercised great caution when editorializing the words of the thin-skinned president to avoid acts of retribution from the IRS.
by Rollo & Biff March 26, 2008
A Posh, upscale, trendy, pretentious coffee shop franchaise hell-bent on putting their more sincere competitors (like Dunkin' Donuts) out of business with their "designer" coffee and latte blends that are merely an ultra-sweetened and enriched concoction of Maxwell House, liquid shit and rat semen. They are mostly frequented by snotty, cardigan-wearing yuppie cocksuckers, corporate scumbags in three-piece suits and working class drones who think paying $4.00 for a cup of coffee makes them more successful and important.
FIREMAN: Oh, sir...sir! The World Trade Center has just collapsed and many survivors need help! Do you have any water you can spare?
STARBUCKS VENDOR: Sure. I have some bottled water over here you can have... for 300 bucks a bottle! Heh heh heh!
FIREMAN: You heartless slug... fuck you!
by Rollo & Biff October 29, 2006
Overweight, cocky, dogged, tenacious author and mockumentary filmmaker who possesses a proclivity for causing conservative neanderthals, Republican crackpots, and other screeching right-wing yahoos to piss blood and shit their livers out in their sleep.
Michael Moore is most noted for directing the very biased but entertaining documentaries, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and FAHRENHEIT 9/11. Also responsible for causing actor Charlton Heston to shit his pants on film.
by Rollo & Biff May 21, 2006

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