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(n.) - The same exact invitation you just received from the same exact person for the same exact party on Evite, Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, and in your 5 email addresses.

Can also be used as a verb - Twinvite.
Why does that janehead keep sending me all these twinvitations? Maybe I'll de-friend her.
by Rollie Hatch June 10, 2008
(n.) - The excitement felt over HBO-produced series, movies, and documentaries.
Even though the boobies are blurred out when A&E shows reruns of The Sopranos, I still get an HBOner.
by Rollie Hatch June 10, 2008
(noun) - The place you will be confined to when your company refuses to close during a snowstorm. Despite the cold weather outside, you may still feel blazy.
If I don't get out of this igloobicle within the next ten minutes, it's going to take me 6 hours to drive home.
by Rollie Hatch December 19, 2008
(n.) - Ten times more intense than the Nth Degree.
When Urban Dictionary doesn't accept my new entries, it's tarded to the Undredth Degree.
by Rollie Hatch February 26, 2008
(v., adj.) - When a company outsources your employment to a third party, and you get all fired up.
I'm feeling quite blazy because our department just got hotsauced.
by Rollie Hatch June 18, 2008
adj. A ready and willing potential sex partner. Abbreviation for "down to bone."
She walked into the bar with fire in her pants, the devil in her eyes, and d2b written all over her face.
by Rollie Hatch March 26, 2007

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