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1 definition by Rolfmeister

Pleasanton is a strange mix of California-style suburban ennui, Silicon Valley northern satellite architecture, well-preserved older homes and buildings, and good schools.

Their high school football teams are noted for racking up impressive records against whitebread competition during the regular season, then getting the crap kicked out of them in the playoffs by toughass rednecks from schools like Oakdale in the Central Valley.

Dean's Cafe downtown is the total worldwide omelette dominator. Best place on the planet for omelettes. The end.

Overall Pleasanton is pretty darn pleasant, but it's got kind of an otherworldly, Potemkin village feel to it that's hard to qualify precisely. It's weird that way.
Dunno Joe, that doesn't strike me as too hardcore. Sorta Pleasanton, actually.
by Rolfmeister May 29, 2006