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A chavvy little cunt who gets caught in granny brothels and then attacks passers by. Also known to swear and scream until the ref gives him his nappy back.
Can be found in any shithole area of Liverscum or Manure.
Rooney'll be a fat piss head in a few years.

What?, Just like that wife beating wanker, Best.
by Roland Rat April 06, 2005
A fast motor car that booms around the streets. Does not actually have to have Jungle music coming out of the stereo but can be considered a benefit.
Wow! Check out that Junglemobile. I bet it does 0-200 in about three seconds!
by Roland Rat April 06, 2005
A shit day for wankers who think they come from Ireland. An excuse for more acts of mass terror and balaclava wearing.
As in "Should we hand our weapons over?
"No, let's just bomb another pub in England."
by Roland Rat April 06, 2005

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