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A large island to the west of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland). Contrary to popular (largely ignorant American) opinion, the Irish do not sit around drinking and swearing all day, and if any of you so-called 'Irish-Americans' had ever been, you would know that. Ireland is a country rich in culture, particularly that of sean nos singing and storytelling- many children in Ireland, particularly in Meath and the surrounding counties, grow up with the old legends of the High Kings, the Fiana and giants, monsters and witches-this is evidence of the amazing Irish imagination and gift for story-telling.

Ireland has been plagued by American and English sterotypes, such as the misconception that we are all drunkards, or that we all speak with a hugely fake Cork accent and say 'top o' the morning to ya, laddie' - I have lived here my entire life and not once have I heard an Irish person say that seriously. The fact that Americans 'imitate' us by say 'top o' the morning' is I think due to those stupid Lucky Charms commercials, and whoever wrote them should die a horrible death :)
Irishman: 'Hello, how are you?'
American: 'OMG are you from Ireland? Top o' the morning to ya!'
Irishman: *punches American*
by Roisín O'Gara February 16, 2009

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