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A beautiful girl with a kind face reminiscent of peaches. A smart female with a horrible tastes in colors, but a wonderful taste in music. Has a small tendency to get confused and go on a killing rampage. Will always be loved more than can love, because it's a fact. Very interesting and easy to talk to. Has a nice ass.
Melissa is my peaches and I shall call her Peaches and she shall be my Peaches.
by Roild December 22, 2011
The act of raging on everyone, even friends in such a way that takes up minutes of everyone's time yet they just can't seem to get away.
Where were you?
I was stuck at this RoildRage...It was so funny, but now I feel insulted.
by Roild October 05, 2010
The bossman of the room Rip City in the land of Kongregate. He owns the room as king of oldfags. He roildrages on any noob who attempts to intrude with lack of intelligence or noobs who spam or troll.
Man, you went Roild on them!
Yeah, I really hate those noobs.
by Roild October 05, 2010

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