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When you write two "L"s either side of your belly button to make it look like it says "LOL", the belly button being the "O".
Haha, while Sam was asleep, we gave him a BellyLOL and took pictures of it.
by Rohinian August 15, 2009
A variation on the common phrase epic fail, where the word fail is substituted with the word phallus. Can be used to describe a penis or just a hilarious failed attempt at something.
Becky rejected Tom's offer to make out last night.
Epic phallus!
by Rohinian January 14, 2010
Acronym for 'our lives are average' as a plural for mlia - 'my life is average'
Used on the site mylifeisaverage.com
Me and my brother went into a convenience store and he picked up some condoms for himself amongst other things. The cashier gave us the 'You guys are gay' look. OLAR.
by rohinian August 18, 2011

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