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Err, it's a penis, obviously.
'...shaking hot white coconuts from the veiny love tree..."

The League of Gentlemen
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006
After the seventeenth-century French soldier, one who is exceptionally skilled in the use of the pork sword. Far outranks a mere swordsman.
He was a veritable D'Artagnan among mere pork swordsmen
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006
Monthly female occurence which men don't understand, other than it stops (most of) them having sex with their girlfriends. Inspired by similarity in appearance, rather than taste. See also on the blob, got the painters in and Arsenal are playing at home.
"What' the matter mate? You look frustrated."

"Haven't blown me beans for days, Dave. Fucking jam donut week, innit."
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006
Female anus; derived from greyhound racing terminology. See also blue jacket.
"Trap one was out of action, so I had to use trap two."
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006
Awarded to a man who has had anal sex with a female partner. Derived from British greyhound racing terminology, where the dog wearing the blue jacket traditionally starts in trap two. See also brown wings.
"I wore the blue jacket last night..."
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006
Someone who has made a tonne of money while still young, probably in one of the dotcom booms or by selling off another business they founded, and now loafs around doing cool stuff
Gary Fisher, Elon Musk are chillionaires
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 22, 2006
To have anal sex: derived from the Australian slang date, meaning asshole, on account of its generally round, wrinkled and brown appearance.
"Let me update you."

"I'm hoping to update her this evening."

"He promised he would update me. It's most frustrating."

"I've been giving him hourly updates."
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006

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