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A combination of the words schlong and cunt
"Yo man, dat bitch durr's gotsa schlunt."
by Roger Watts April 03, 2005
This dude Sam Abercrombie who looks like the lost 8th Dwarf of Snow White fame. He is constantly smiling, laughing, and smoking.
Me: "Hey Stoney, wanna drive me to Waffle House?"

Stoney: "Hahahahahahahaha"

Me: "Nah, really dude, wanna go get some waffles?"

Stoney: "Yeah dude, wanna get high first?"
by Roger Watts April 03, 2005
A relatively small town in Western North Carolina. Home to Dale Jarrett, multiple textile and furniture factories. Home of Hickory High School. Populated by snobby, middle to upper class southerners and white trash and no one in between. Oh yeah, there is a large African-American population and Hispanic population (someone has to work in the white man's factories.) Majority of the citizens have lived in or near the city their entire lives. They attempt to keep a small town feel while exploiting the city by developing many different businesses that have an adverse effect on the town's small feeling.

Also, many of the city's residents are ignorant, racist, bigoted, and hateful.

The high schools are populated mostly with prepnecks. In other words, preppy rich kids who attempt to play themselves off as rednecks.

Not to mention, the city sucks ass and there is nothing to do. You should never live there.
People from Hickory are homophobic.
by Roger Watts February 06, 2005

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