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1 definition by Roger Sun

Named after the ace of spades, the Race of Spades is said to be drawn anytime a minority uses it to defuse a majority race's argument against them, automatically making them defensive. However, the Race of Spades doesn't always work. Blacks can't use the Race of Spades on Asians, since Asians don't oppress them like as whites, and most importantly: Asians are a more minor minority in the US than them.
White guy: What's up, nigga?
Black friend: Whassup!
Black bystander: Hey, respect the Afrikaaner and quit with the racism.

Black guy: Stop oppressing my people before I beat your ass.
Asian: Why don't you stop oppressing MY people, eh? Your Race of Spades doesn't work on me.
by Roger Sun May 03, 2006