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I can't argue that Toronto is a large city with a lot of venues and establishments to offer. I don't contest the fact that the Toronto Stock Exchange is world class and that the city has plently of world class art and theater attractions. Hell it even has a wannabe times square outside of the Eaton shopping mall.

Having said that, Toronto is different from a World Class city and maybe my equation will help you to see how.

World Class City like New York or London - having a subway out to the airport - having any sense of what nice architecture is like Paris or Boston - having a public Lakefront like Chicago - ever having the Olympics - having beautiful women all over the place like Los Angeles or Montreal - sports franchises that can keep up with American teams + an aids infested gay community like San Francisco + tonnes of homeless people like New Dehli + heroin junkies and worthless runaways of New York City + the ego of Nazi Germany + the scummy air of Mexico City + Violent Jamaicans like in Kingston + the terrorist sleeper cells like Afghanasthan = Toronto

Woah thats a lot of math but I checked in the back of the text book and this is all true.

I live in Northern Ohio and I have been to just about every major in North America and every time I go to Toronto for a ball game or something, I look at the people and think to my self, "I am so proud that I am not one of them".
Torontonian with head up his ass: Hey ya hoser. The Women of Toronto are the hottest in the world eh!

Person who goes to an American University: Mmm. Well if you like hippies, suicidal runaways, annorexic/starving junkies, women that are out of shape, and otherwise good looking women with fucked up ethnic noses, than ya. I'd say you struck gold.
Announcer at Sky Dome: Get on your feet Blue Jay fans and show some civic pride. We are Toronto. We are world class. Lets show the world what were made of.

Cleveland Indians fan: Well thats nice. I don't remember hearing how top notch Ney York City was at Yankee Stadium. I guess New York isn't as good as Toronto.
by Roger Bell September 24, 2006

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