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The bit of skin between the anus and the balls, also known as the chode, gooch, and taint.
The man picked feverishly at his itchy sneither, sneither the butt nor the bollocks, but the place in between. The days of wool underpants were over.
by Rogan October 11, 2006
1. A bowel conditioning resulting from eating poorly prepared Pad Thai.

2. A dish to be served to someone you dislike. Here is the recipe:

Pad Thai

Eat Pad Thai.
Marinate in stomach for two hours.
Mix in small intestine for six hours.
Bake in large intestine for two hours at 98.6 degrees.
Form into small loafs with colon (consistency will vary).
Serve on best china.


This dish is sometimes called "Thai Surprise."

Number Of Servings: Will vary.

Preparation Time: Will vary depending on personal issues.
That is the last time I ever eat at THAT restaurant! Their noodles gave me Pad Thaiarrhea for three days.

After my former landlord refused to return my deposit, I whipped him up a steaming plate of Pad Thaiarrhea and left it on his doorstep in a Chinese takeout box.
by Rogan January 06, 2007
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