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The food of the bro.

One of these titles is required to consume or even glance upon beef broganoff:


Other infidels are not worthy of the savory taste of beef broganoff.
Bro's mom: Hi honey
Brogan: Can we have my boy over for some chow?
Bro's mom: As long as it's not that friend you call "broohah", because we ran out of beef broganoff last night.

Brogan: seriously wtf. im hittin Broseph's place tonight
by Rogaine (Joegus) January 30, 2011
n. A bro, but a real close bro, or a bro you like better.

Used for emphasis on affection, but NEVER used in the presence of another bro that is not worthy of being broohah.
Dude 1: (to Dude 2)Wassup, broohah!

Dude 2: Not much broski!

Dude 1: (to Dude 3)Whats up bro

Dude 3: whoa. hes a broohah and i'm only a bro? bros dont do that to each other.

Dude 2: haa sucka
by Rogaine (Joegus) January 26, 2011

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