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1. Powerlevel

Usually used by noobs in MMORPGs when they want to lvl fater, so they ask high levels if they can waste their fuckn time on their needs to let them gain their exp. Worthless.
n00b: OMFG can u PLZ plvl me!?!?!?
Rofl: No.
by Roflcopter [GM] December 09, 2006
1. Same meaning as lol
2. Layers and layers of lol
3. A cake filled with laughing (or lol) gas.
4. Slang of cake or lol
Mother: Yo, son, I baked some lolocakes for when your friends come over
Son: Aww, thx mum ^^

Kid: *lol* omg, I can't stop *lol* lolling! *lol*
Kid 2: *lol* Niether can *lol* I :( *lol*
by Roflcopter [GM] December 20, 2006
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