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Used to agree with someone, therefore bumping the idea to the next level.
Someone: Hey why don't we all go get high?

You(in support): BUMP IT DUDE!!
by ROFLcopter February 08, 2005
The official guild for homosexuals in Anarchy Online.
"Dude I can't wait to toss some hot male homosalads, have lots of homo erotic chat sessions and smash some fucks"

"You should join Synergy Factor"
by roflcopter November 02, 2004
a term used for masturbation
its usage is as-of-yet unknown
by roflcopter June 03, 2004
to leave a party or event at your own leisure
Dude, I can't stand this party...I'm mobbing out!
by ROFLcopter February 08, 2005
where you keep horses.
i keep my hoes in a corral.
by roflcopter April 10, 2004
See rizzle
See real
Used to make fun of the word "rizzle" and those who may use it ("gangster posuers")
Are you fo' riznatch?
by Roflcopter December 02, 2004
I love shrooms <3


by roflcopter October 27, 2004

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