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A black woman (aka a female negro).
Dude - "Lataniqua, you such a shegro!"

Lataniqua - "Oh no you didn't!" (snaps fingers in clockwise motion)
by RoflCopter117 July 10, 2008
Similar to a backpack, a nylon-mesh sack that Negroes use to store various illegal items, such as weapons and drugs.
Usually have And1 or Air Jordan logos on them.
Jamal: "Yo Tyrese, whatchu got in that blackpack my nigga?!"
Tyrese: "Just my Glock, some weed, some crack and my wife's dead body..."
Jamal: "That's tight, but yo black ass needs to get some And1 nigga!"
by RoflCopter117 August 16, 2008

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