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4 definitions by Rodney Skinner

A contraction of the acronyms WTF and FTP, roughly meaning What The Fucking File Transfer Protocol. It is commonly used in the computer industry to BS someone that doesn't know what you are talking about.
"Well your internet isn't working because the WTFTP is having issues connecting to the server."
by Rodney Skinner July 10, 2008
23 9
To not sleep an entire night. Generally it indicates the person was doing something like fansubbing anime or playing video games.
Dude A: Man, I was so into playing MW3 last night I totally pulled a tormaid
Dude B: haha, I did that too. Isn't MW3 awesome!
by Rodney Skinner December 02, 2011
9 0
To hit something or someone bluntly, especially in the head. It's derived from the sound made when a blunt object hits someone in the head.
Don't steal my chips or I'll cark you with my chemistry book.
by Rodney Skinner July 26, 2011
7 2
Acronym for George Fox University.
John: So where are you going to school this semester?
Jane: Gfu.
by Rodney Skinner July 10, 2008
14 31