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A reverse angus is when a girl inserts a ten oz raw angus steak into her vagina. The guy goes down on said girl literally eats the angus out of her and digests said steak. Girl gets onto all fours on the bed, ass north and inserts beer funnel into rectum, he dones his rubber boots and does the heffer from behind. As he continues to get her off, he regurgitates the angus via the alaskian pipeline into the funnel, he simultaneously opens all valves bringing her to climax.
Yo Tony! Wassup dog?!?' 'Not much, what did you get up to last night.' 'Me and my hoe got up to some dirty things last night. Usually I like my angus medium rare but last night that bitch was well done!' -reverse angus
by Rodhole Mackophine June 07, 2010
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