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Meaning there is no reason or justification for something; A substitute for saying "No Reason"; (Taken from the popular Apple Jacks cereal commercials, in which the characters couldn't give a reason for their liking of Apple Jacks cereal.)
"Why are there three lesbians and a republican in the living room?"
"Its Apple Jacks"

"Why are you still here?"
"'Cause I am"
"Don't Apple Jacks me!"
by Rodger Aiken March 10, 2005
A mean and/or rude homosexual (i.e. A NASTY FRUIT). A combination of the words "apricot" and "cunt".
A woman at a gay rights festival spills wine on another woman's dress because she thought that she was looking at her girl. The stained woman yells at her "You f**kin Apricunt".
by Rodger Aiken April 07, 2005
(LAIN) Lain Area Information Network; the predecessor to the the acronym (LAN) Local Area Information Network.
I'm not connected to the internet directly, I'm connected through our LAIN
by Rodger Aiken November 03, 2004
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