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Buenos Aires Unit, a division of BA Crew, is an exclusive group/unit of car and music enthusiasts that began at Lincoln School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Officially established in 2003 as BA Crew. It is a group of people from several nationalities that united in Buenos Aires, hence BA-Unit. It originally began as a group of school friends who shared the same passion for cars, music, sports and parties and soon enough it engaged in other illegal activities. It is a private members club, members run the club for them. The group includes members from several countries around the world (Argentina, Kuwait, Korea, Japan, Poland and several others). Since 2004, several members have been separated. Most of the members are still in touch and reunite once or twice a year in the city of BA.

Hey man, BA-Unit is in the house.
by Roderick1 January 06, 2009

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