15 definitions by Rod Fury

a combination of traction and grip,used to denote an unusual stability of a tire on the road.
I hit that black ice on the thruway and lost all my gription
by Rod Fury April 20, 2006
a fat broad's untrimmed snatch
your mom loves to serve the postman her patented bloobhairy pie
by Rod Fury April 20, 2006
taking a dump two feet behind someone's bedroom door then closing it behind you.When the chump opens the door all the way he smears the turd into the carpet in a lovely rainbow design.
they'll be scrubbing that rug for a week before they erase the brown rainbow I left them
by rod fury April 20, 2006
freezing your own turd then having someone give it head
it took my wife all night to finish the Cleveland Fudge Sicle I whipped her up for dessert
by Rod Fury May 11, 2006
another slang for the penis
If I'm lucky she may wrestle with my cyclops meat clown tonight
by Rod Fury April 22, 2006
a fat broad's untrimmed pussy
Every time the mailman comes your Mom serves him a genorous slice of Bloobhairy pie
by Rod Fury April 20, 2006
another word for cock
won't your sister be surprised when she finds out you hired a cyclops meat clown to entertain at her birthday party?
by Rod Fury April 20, 2006

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