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A person with such extreme halitosis that their breath can be smelled all the way across a large room when they are speaking.
Gene has buttbreath all the time - it must be that diet of coffee and donuts.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
UK. One who is mentally imbalanced, eccentric, crazy, etc. Sometimes expressed as "right 'round the bend." An eighties tune, during the second "British Invasion" of music in the U.S., had the lyric, "You send me right 'round, baby, 'right round, like a record baby."
Did you see him talking to that tree? 'Round the bend, he is.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
An extremely emaciated individual.
Good lord, she's just a rag o' bone and a hank o' hair - a stiff wind would blow her away!
by Rod Brock September 24, 2005
Money, legal currency. Often used in a negative sense, e.g., "filthy lucre."
The American race is rapidly becoming the coldest in the world, all because of this cruel, maneating idol, lucre.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
A filterless cigarette.
It's hard to get bareass cigarettes anymore, save for Lucky Strike, Camel, and Pall Mall.
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
One who partakes in chocolate to the point of excess.
Nine out of ten women are chocolate fiends, even if they don't admit it.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
One who cuts a smelly fart in a circumstance in which all are grossed out and suffer, such as an office meeting, at the dinner table, in a restaurant, etc.
Have a little respect you stinkbutt bastard - it's your own grandmother's funeral!
by Rod Brock July 31, 2006
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