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ADJECTIVE: Used in conjunction with "pop" and "dang" to describe something incredible.

NOTE: this word should only be used when mimicking a hill-billy (yokel, redneck). Of course if you fit in these categories, feel free to use at your discretion.
"DANG SHNAZZLE POP that's dat ol' thang raght therr."
by Rockin! June 13, 2007
Adjective used to describe your friend who is acting dumb. Usually directed at the person referenced, though can be funnier if used in telling another person about your friend.

Also used to describe a particularly stupid looking/acting person in a crowd.
"Hey weinerhouse, stop that and go do something useful."
"Nice move weinerhouse."
"Hey BOB, look at weinerhouse over there."
by Rockin! June 13, 2007
Testicules is the communal drinking vessel on long camping trips, usually used to store other forms of food prior to use as a fluid reservoir and is usually in the shape of an animal. Primary liquids dispensed by Testicules are Tang and Kool-Aid.

The most common container to be converted to Testicules is the Army-Sized Animal Cracker plastic bear. Also, the only way to have a true Testicules is to consume the crackers from the bear before filling with liquid, none can be thrown away.

The origin of Testicules is unknown, but is rumored to have started as a sort of rite of passage among young teens.
"Drink from Testicules!"

by Rockin! June 13, 2007
let me start off by saying that "Butt Rock" is a misunderstood art form. Butt Rock as defined by the everyday world is "a song or songs that is/are horrible but EVERYONE reacts to."

I have seen many people who swear up and down that 80s rock is the worst ever, but when "cum on feel the noise" or "holy diver" or "separate ways" come on, they are rocking along with everyone else.

Bands who performed "Butt Rock" wre known as Hair Bands.
Quiet Riot, Dio, Journey. Also: Motley Crue, Supertramp, Scorpions, Whitesnake.

"I hate Butt Rock...but I LOVE this song, who sings it?"
by Rockin! June 13, 2007
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