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Hot Snatch... sum gooood pussy!
"(lil' boy looks in the oven) - *yells out* Hey mom!!! U got NeMore of that Hot Snatch dad wuz raving about last night?!?!
by Rockie87 March 31, 2008
Self Lovings mean to Masterbate.. as in.. touch ur own damn self, no help 4rm others... (movies, internet & magazines ok lol.) & get ur self off...
"Austina went in to the shower, turned the shower head on to jet mode, closed her eyes, & gave her self sum self lovins.. "
by Rockie87 March 31, 2008
A.B.C. is ur ~ A$$ Ball Connection ~ u kno... that lil piece of skin between it all... the gootch? lol
"Dude, that !3!tch wuz freaky, she licked my a.b.c. when she went down on me..."
by Rockie87 March 31, 2008
Fornicate means ~ having sum sexy time... lol Doing the deed... get my drift yet?? well anyways... that means Fornicater means F**ker! lol
"listen here u mutha fornicater... " lol
by Rockie87 March 31, 2008
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