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Gender specific to a male. The moment before orgasm when you know it's going to happen and it's just a matter of a second or a few minutes.
Girl: Are you going to cum?
Guy: I'm in the middle of a mannuerism at the moment.
by Rocker-D-Licious February 26, 2013
Falsifying the size of one's penis size to give the impression of having a big one.
Guy: 8 inches... flaccid!

Girl: Those are just mensurements. You're actually about 3" erect.
by Rocker-D-Licious December 15, 2014
Something you might find yourself on after a long night of bad decision making. This usually involves quite a large dose of shame, an upset stomach and frequent flushing.
After a late night which included 8 beers and 5 shots followed up by a Crave Case, Andrew spent his Sunday in close proximity to the travesty throne.
by Rocker-D-Licious December 25, 2014
1. The art of performing fellatio while sounding out vowels either intentionally or non-intentionally.

2. Something Vanna White might do on the weekends.
guy 1- I got the best BJ last night.
guy 2- What made it so good?
guy1- This girl was voweling every inch of my cock for 10 minutes straight. It was amazing!
guy2- I love it when that happens!
by Rocker-D-Licious December 15, 2014

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