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1.A player on an online game that pwns countless times.
2.A constant victory.
3.Top of the food-chain.
4.A machine used to push n00bs around.

"pwnd0z3r" comes from the word "Bulldozer" with the word "bull" replaced with "pwn" and a few letters switched into numbers. (This is the 1337 language)
A pwnd0z3r is a player on an online game that knocks down n00bs without effort, countless times. Like a bulldozer pushes its obstacles out of it's way. (The word "n00b" derives from the english word "noob". A noob is a new player;a novice;bottom of the online gaming food-chain.)
1."he's beating us like a pwnd0z3r!"
2."I'm teh pwnd0z3r !!"
3."n00bs cant take on the pwnd0z3r, cuz i eat them!"
4."i wish there was a pwnd0z3r around...then these n00bs would go away..."
by Rocker's Symphony September 11, 2006

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