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The unfortunate circumstance of babysitting one or many bratty little asshole kids.
Guy: "Want to go to the movies tonight?"
Girl: "Can't, I'm babyshitting until late."
Guy: "The Johnson's little fuckers again?"
Girl: "Yeah..."
by Rockatansky August 03, 2009
a stew that was accidentally undercooked and ends up with everything being all hard and crunchy instead of soft and mushy. Usually looks really good until you take the first bite.
Husband: Hey, that stew looks great!
Wife: Here, try some.
Husband: Aww shit, you made disappointment stew!
by Rockatansky September 08, 2009
like purple, but more murple.
What color is that?
by Rockatansky September 09, 2009

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