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Although some believe otherwise, it's possible for rap to be Christian and still actually be rap. Rap is a STYLE of music, not a certain lyrical pattern. Rap is a sound, not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian rap is made possible.
The Cross Movement, Toby Mac, KJ-52, Da Truth, The Ambassador, Ill Harmonics, Mars Ill, Verbs, and T-Bone are examples of Christian rappers.
by RockOn! September 03, 2005
1.) Moshing is done in the "mosh pit" and consists of headbanging, body slamming, crowdsurfing, etc. This happens at rock concerts only. It tends to be dangerous but fun.

2.) Some people believe that jumping at a rock concert is considered moshing.
Everyone at the concert started to mosh.
by RockOn! September 03, 2005
Although some believe otherwise, rock is a sound and not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian rock is made possible. Most good Christian rock addresses real issues like suicide, partying, backstabbing "friends," death, broken families, sex, murder, etc.--but all from a Christian view. It doesn't ignore the world and the themes of secular rock. It just has them with a twist that often points the listener to Jesus. Some say that only secular rock is "real". I say secular rock goes around in circles, while Christian rock points you in the right direction. Do you want to go around in circles, or would you prefer to find meaning in life and accomplish something?
Some Christian rock sounds as good as secular rock or better. And if you think the words "Christian" and "rock" don't belong together, how about the words "Christian punk"?
by RockOn! September 03, 2005

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