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The thing in stand-up pissers that stops it from reeking. Poisonous if eaten.
Those Urinal Cakes smell like flowers.
by Rock On April 27, 2003
Really bad herb. You need to smoke tons to get high.
You got ripped off, thats schwag.
by Rock On April 27, 2003
to be certain, as in ABSOlutley POSitive
Are you sure he's going to be there?
I'm absopos.
by rock on January 27, 2003
the lowest form of 'expression' through music
usually involves speaking slightly faster than ordinary people and in a retarded monotonous voice

can be performed by anyone, but usually by black people
the 'rapper' must dress like a gangsta
does not necessarily have to have good knowledge of the language being used, for example chinese rapper 'gin'

Usually includes references to all the niggers in the hood and sex or drugs and rap videos always include the rapper showing off with money that they dont have dancing with chicks who they will never get laid by, wearing copious amounts of bling

rap is now seen as an alternative to real music like rock and punk rock. The majority of listeners are americans who cant afford to go to a rock concert so listen to rap instead at home wid da homies
gangsta1: yo that rapper raps like yo mum
gangsta2: I no so talented innit homy
gangsta1: jus like everyone else who tries to rap

'g-unit are shite lets go listen to blink 182'
by rock on March 09, 2006
real music includes anything that goes through what is called a pure process towards becoming music that sounds nice and does not bore the listner involves singing and not rapping.

Usually involves: guitar, bass, drums and SOMEONE THAT CAN SING

NEVER INVOLVES: someone rapping, someone screaming, a
music video endorsed by copious amounts of bling and women wearing nothing at all

Common genres of real music are: rock, punk rock, emo(although emo people suck emo music is good), alternative rock
'that rap music makes me feel like ill die of the embarassment that our society has stooped to the level of listening to this crap'

'I agree, lets go listen to some real music like green day or dashboard confessional, then the killers and franz ferdinand'

'gud idea that gangsta can suck 50 cent's chode'
by rock on March 09, 2006
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