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He had decided after many years within a stale marriage and living a lie that he had to come out and be himself and live openly and honestly as a gay man. Everyone was really accepting of him and that made him happy however he now had one last obstacle to overcome and that was the almost certain knowledge that he would be getting bummed.
He walked into the bedroom where his male lover was waiting for him. He was now out, gay and free. He put some lube on his virgin hole and knew that he was just seconds away from getting bummed. He would soon be living the gay dream!
#gay #being gay #homosexual #gay sex #gay men #gay man #bumming #butt loving #arsehole stretching #bum love
by Rock Hudson's aunt October 23, 2010
Taking it up the dirtbox for sexual kicks, usually with a group of masturbating masked men looking on and stroking their meat!
"I was wondering what I could do to warm up my rectum on these chilly gay Autumn evenings and why, what better activity could I think of than calling up the boys and having them come round for a spot of bumming? They were at it for hours until my poor old butt was red raw. This morning I had to put on an adult diaper because I couldn't keep the shit up my arse such was the fun I'd had yesterday evening. Being gay is such fun. I love bumming!"
#gay sex #bumming #getting bummed #being bummed #bum banditry #dirtbox blues
by Rock Hudson's aunt October 23, 2010
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