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A cross between Twister and dry humping; often performed by stoned hippies to the sound of hand-drumming and/or didgeridoo.
"Check out those guys doing interpretive dance."
"um... that one's a chick."
"... but her armpi-"
"yeah, I know."
by Rock Deputy September 09, 2005
A long wooden object through which hippies can transport thier drool several feet away from their mouths. It also makes a low droining noise that encourages interpretive dance.
Didgeridoo Guy: "OOooOOoIEeEEOoooOOooOoOoOOooO..."
Some Hippie: "wow, man... that didg' is totally opening up a portal in my mind"
Average Person: "... what the fuck are you talking about?"
by Rock Deputy September 09, 2005
A knock off or fake of a really expensive, often fashion related, item sold for "one hell of a deal". Derived from the watch, Rolex, being a famous 'knocked off' item. Usually purchased from a street vendor, out of the back of a van or in another questionable transaction. And usually of poor quality.
"Check out the watch I got from this guy on eBay! A Rolex... for $50!"
"Dude... that's a Faux-lex. The '5' is upsidedown."
by Rock Deputy November 04, 2005
Given as a sign of full approval. Derived from the voting system on Threadless, it's become a show of love for a remark, design, person, etc. Primary use is in the Community Forum, but could extend to the "real" world.
Blog entry: Here's a picture of me with my new mohawk! I may end up losing my job.. but doesn't it look awesome!?!

Comment: $5.
by Rock Deputy March 02, 2006

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