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Wacky japanese trash on Saturday morning TV which involves intense, action packed, non-stop SPINNING TOP BATTLES. SPINNING TOP BATTLES. SPINNING. TOP. BATTLES.
"Hyyyaaaa! Go spinning top! Do your wirlwind attack!" *spinning top listens somehow, and does the attack* "Yeyyy! I won!" *starts jacking off*
by Rock` April 23, 2003
People who do things like sue normal everyday people for downloading mp3s, or spy on everything you do on the net. Basically tight-asses who think the net should be policed like the real world.
Hey, ain't nothin up with downloading warez, unless you're a net nazi.
by Rock` April 09, 2003
Supposed terrible secret of spacial origin. The space robots will protect you. Do not trust the shover robot. He shoves around the blind people.
"We are the space robots. We are here to protect you. We are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space."
by Rock` April 09, 2003
JubeiSaotome aka RobertoFrog.
04:45 PM <RobertoFrog> sawjay what pokemon do u have?
04:46 PM <RobertoFrog> O!!!! IS XERIN IN THE NEW POKEMON???????????
04:47 PM <RobertoFrog> i am a better pokemon man than sawjay
04:47 PM <RobertoFrog> i am the master of the pokemon

by Rock` April 09, 2003

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