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1: When two competitors equally matched with equal incentive to win compete, it is who ever wins. Must have not just wanted it, but needed it.

2: When someone overcomes odds to do something they set out to do.

3: When someone does something shady to achieve a goal, but the unsavory action was so clever even those duped must applaud.

4, when a competitor refuses to loose no matter what.
Ex 1:Luke: Man did you see that one on one game between Kobe and Lebron?

Cory: yeah Kobe needed it .

Ex 2: Jordan: Duke was down 15 with 2 minutes to go and they ended up winning
Kyle: yeah they "needed it ".

Ex 3: Spectator Ahh Kevin pulled down Tim’s pants then stole the ball and laid it up for the game winner

Tim: I guess that fool needed it.

Ex 4: Jake: The Chargers are missing 5 offensive starters and they are playing on the road, how are they winning by 14?
Doug: They need it.
by Robinshood April 07, 2009
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