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An Avolanche is a sudden, drastic flow of Avocados down a slope of Avocados, occurring when either natural triggers, such as an earthquake, or artificial triggers such as loading of new Avocados, or an Avocado being removed from the bottom of the pile, influence the gravity of the accumulated weight of the other Avocados, thereby resulting in the pile of Avos collapsing.

Avolanches are always caused by an external stress on the pile of Avocados.
Avolanches have destructive potential, depending on the sliding surface, slope angle and elevation as well as the size and stages of ripeness of the Avos themselves.
Avolanches are common occurrences in supermarkets.
When the old lady removed a ripe Avocado from the bottom of the pile, she inadvertently caused an Avolanche
by RobinHood May 15, 2012
Any girl/woman who is thought to be beautiful, sweet, kind, gentle and generally good natured. All good Kate's love dogs. The opposite of a good kate is a bad kate.
I met a good kate today
what was she like
that's a dumb question, she was a good kate
by Robinhood November 12, 2007
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