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3 definitions by RobinSparkles1983

A man who seems like a true gentleman at first; i.e. wants to settle down, holds the door, is honest, and then a month later, shows his true colors and leaves you feeling played and emotionally drained.
I thought he was totally a good guy, but he was really a closet douche-bag.
by RobinSparkles1983 May 15, 2009
32 4
Someone who usually doesn't have an accent, but every now and then, an obnoxious one sneaks its way into conversation.
Yo, that dude just accent ninja'd me!
by RobinSparkles1983 August 16, 2010
7 0
You're waiting for the elevator and once the doors open, it looks like it's empty, until some idiot pops out from the corner and scares the crap out of you.
The elevator doors had just opened, and I was about to get on, when the elevator creeper jumped out and almost made me pee my pants.
by RobinSparkles1983 October 06, 2009
9 3