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Almost positively agreed upon as being the Fourth Reich, Mediacom is a sham cable company that will repeatedly lie, hang up on you, do nothing they say, provide horrible internet service, employ absolute fucking retards, and anything else they can to make you feel like your head is going to explode. They are obviously not a cable company but rather a sadistic toy, which was designed and is in use by the Anti-Christ, and made possible by the sheer stupidity of the people they're able to hire. I thought you could only get so many tax breaks for hiring the retarded. Mediacom is synonymous with the words fraud, con, scam, Al-Qaeda, and braindead.
Mediacom should be overrun by angry citizens with pitchforks and hatchets and torches. No employee or affiliated persons should be left alive.
by RobinHoodoftheGulfCoast January 30, 2008

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