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noun - 1. the popping sound created when a man pulls his cock out of his lover's ass; 2. a lollipop that has been inside someone's ass, similar to a pussy pop
"Your sister is a freak! Instead of sticking that lollipop up her pussy, she stuck it up her ass. I loves me a tasty ass pop!"
by robin pisshole June 06, 2006
a pair of stolen panties that is representative of the combination "vag-stain/ass-smear"
My best friend thought he was nabbing some chinese cupcakes from his girlfriend's hamper--it turns out they were a pair of ratty old boxers left by the other guy who was banging her at the time
by Robin Pisshole August 21, 2006
Quite simply, having sex with another man's balls; similar to tit-fucking, a banana split is achieved when a man wraps another man's testicles around the shaft of his penis.
I couldn't fuck my best friend's father: he only had one testicle, and I just love to Banana split.
by Robin Pisshole August 19, 2006
A sequence of related events: first, tricking your grandmother into believing you are a nudist; next, getting her to take her clothes off; next, making her sit indian-style on the front lawn; then, ordering a pizza to be delivered; then, chitchatting with the delivery boy about an arbitrary topic of your choice; and finally, beating the pizza money out of your grandmother with a butcher's cleaver; truly, this is a most perverse sexual fetish
Does this one really need an example? Okay, here goes:

I hate my grandfather. He never leaves the house, and he doesn't own a butcher's cleaver, so Charleybrowning my gram-gram is fucking impossible.
by Robin Pisshole August 19, 2006
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